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About Boneland's Classics:

Boneland's Classics are a range of interactive games and silly time wasters as well as short movies featuring memorable characters produced between 1999 and 2002.

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Stress Relief Aquarium: Classic (interactive)
The classic version of the SRA has been around the web and back again.

Alcohol & Ammo (interactive)
Get drunk and try to shoot the apple off your buddy's head with a variety of weapons.

Stress Relief Aquarium: Ultimate! (interactive)
A follow-up to the Classic version with lots more buttons.

Crash Test Dumbass: Overkill! (interactive)
A completely over-the-top version of the earlier classic.

Bird Callin' With Jeb (interactive)
A day of bird calling goes horribly wrong.

Book of Spells (interactive)
Jeb attempts to conjure up some magic beer.

Bats & Balls (interactive)
An automatic pitching machine pins down Jeb in a batting cage.

Mime vs Hand (interactive)
At your command the ultimate mime beats the living crap out of himself.

Lessons in Pole Licking (movie)
The age old winter sport of licking a frozen metal pole.

Knotty Kitty (interactive)
Try to untangle a contorted cat while sarcastic mice mock you.

The Most Amazing Story Ever Told 2 (movie)
Eight animators, eight episodes, one story. authored episode 2.

Stress Relief Aquarium 6.66 (interactive)
A Halloween inspired twist on the Classic SRA.

High Impact Workout (interactive)
An up tempo aerobics workout that's more than anyone can take.

Double "A" Vibratron Classic (interactive)
Who will come out on top in a good old fashion vibrator race.

Who Wants to Dunk A Candidate? (interactive)
Take your best carnival shot at the 2000 U.S. Presidential election candidates.

Crash Test Dumbass (interactive)
Launch a sass talking dummy at a variety of targets in the original toy.

Autopsy (interactive)
A Halloween twist on the old children's game "Operation".

Monster Defense System (interactive)
Keeping your front steps clear of unwanted monsters during the Halloween haunting season.

Pumpkin Carver 3 (interactive)
Mix your own Halloween groove while carving up a jack-o-lantern.

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