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About Bumblestick:

Bumblestick is a defunct cartoon comedy web series that ran from 2002 into 2003 and stars Boneland hero, Jeb, and a cast of his friends.

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This Place is a Dump (Part 1)
Jeb discovers he's got a garbage problem.

This Place is a Dump (Part 2)
Great balls of flaming trash!

Night of the Living Jeb (Part 1)
It's Halloween in Bumblestick! Beware the ghost of Bloody Harry!

Night of the Living Jeb (Part 2)
From the pumpkin patch to the cemetery Jeb and the gang take on scary monsters.

Thick Heads, Thin Ice
Out of the frying pan and into the fire... Or icy lake as it were.

No Fling Lasts Forever (Part 1)
The tragic, never-to-be and unresolved love story of Hector and Aimeelou.

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