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About Explosion of the Week:

Explosion of the Week was a series that ran for 52 weeks from 2001 to 2002. The Explosions provide instant gratification in the form of blowing up items that range from everyday annoyances to topical subjects of the day. The now defunct series is arranged chronologically from its debut week right through until its finale.

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Cult Leader Bebe Hapman (You had to be there)

Diseased Sheep Carcasses

That EP-3E Spy Plane that Crashed in China

That Ad Banner Monkey

The New VW Beetle

An Expendable Chicken

A Dumb Boss

One of Those Restaurant Cell Phone Guys

A Blood Donor Truck


A Fire Hydrant

A Broken Air Conditionner

Japanese Cube Watermelons

A Bottle of Pepsi (Held by Britney Spears)

A Computer

A 5 Kiloton Nuke (Held by Britney Spears)

A Dinosaur

The Red Code Worm Computer Virus

A Lemonade Stand

The Weatherman

A Golfer

An Alarm Clock

Mr. Rogers' Trolley

An Office Cubicle

September 11

One of those Retarded Little Sissy Scooters

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