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About Explosion of the Week:

Explosion of the Week was a series that ran for 52 weeks from 2001 to 2002. The Explosions provide instant gratification in the form of blowing up items that range from everyday annoyances to topical subjects of the day. The now defunct series is arranged chronologically from its debut week right through until its finale.

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A Photocopier

A Halloween Zombie

A Halloween Mummy

A Halloween Ghost

A Halloween Pumpkin

A Christmas Tree

A Vase of Flowers

A Cafeteria Lunch

A Refridgerator

A Cloned Human Embryo

The "Segway HT"

One of those Desk/Chair Hybrids

A Holiday Fruit Cake

A Magnum of New Year's Eve Champagne

The New iMac

A Pretzel Assassin

T-Bone's Big Book of Explosion Ideas

A Sink Full of Dirty Dishes

A 2002 Winter Olympic Judge

A Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates

A House of Cards

A Garbage Truck

Award Shows

FM Radio

Designer Bottled Water

Boneland Anniversary

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